Using twitter to login to websiteSteps To Enable Twitter Login

  1. Navigate to Twitter Developers section and login to your Twitter account.
  2. Click Create New App button
  3. Fill the fields as described below
    • Name: Specify the name of your app (You can enter whatever name you like, but it’s recommended to enter your website or company name in this field)
    • Description: Enter short description of your company/website
    • Website: Open your website homepage (at which you have installed the plugin) in browser, click the address bar so that website url gets highlighted, copy this url and paste it in this option. Please make sure that this url includes http:// or https:// and it has no trailing slash (for example: or
    • Callback URL: Enter exactly the same url as in Website option above
    • Developer Agreement: Check the checkbox – “Yes, I have read and agree to the Twitter Developer Agreement
    • Click Create your Twitter application button
  4. Navigate to Settings section and make sure “Enable Callback Locking” option is disabled. If it is not, disable this option and update settings.
  5. Navigate to Permissions section and set permission to Read only. Click Update Settings button.
    Note: If you want the app to fetch email addresses of users, you can check “Request email addresses from users” checkbox. You need to specify privacy policy and terms of service URLs in application settings, as mentioned at the page.
  6. From Keys and Access Tokens section, paste Consumer key in Twitter API Key and Consumer Secret in Twitter API Secret options, respectively, in your plugin settings.
  7. Do not forget to Save Changes after configuring all the options on plugin settings page.